The Angels' Share France, UK 2012 – 101min.

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The Angel's Share

Movie Rating: Agathe Tissier

A small-time crook finds redemption in alcohol. Comedy by Ken Loach.

Robbie (Paul Brannigan) is a sweet young thug sentenced to community service to avoid a prison sentence. Soon to be a father, he's desperate to escape the seemingly endless downward spiral of crime that comes naturally in the corner of Glasgow where he lives, and where he feels stuck forever. When he drinks a fine dram to his son with his whisky enthusiast supervisor, Robbie discovers his talent for tasting. Then he visits a distillery where he learns that 2% of the alcohol evaporates during the process every year, a phenomenon called The Angels' Share. Robbie goes on a quest to become an angel himself, to rid himself of his life of fighting and drinking, using his nose for whisky to compete at an auction of rare scotch to finance his new existence as a family man.

Ken Loach breathes new life into social criticism with this hopeful story set in the grey depths of Glasgow. A humanistic and caring film that's also nicely rude when necessary, about redemption through a different side of alcohol. This smooth Angels' Share has bite enough to be enjoyed without moderation.



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