Post Tenebras Lux France, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands 2012 – 115min.

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Post Tenebras Lux

Movie Rating: Andrea Wildt

Semi-autobiographic drama about a Mexican couple by Cannes winner Carlos Reygadas.

A young bourgeois family lives in an elegant country house in Mexico: their children play with the animals in the jungle; their parents try out a swingers' club. At home they hold discussions; the father orders sex according to his needs and beats the dog. When he catches an acquaintance breaking into the house, he's shot at. In the hospital, he thinks back on his life and wonders how it all went wrong...

Carlos Reygadas filmed his kids in his own house, taking advantage of his skilled, radical hand for this look at the end of universal innocence. An outstanding film on many levels – each of Carlos Reygadas's works is always a unique experience. The main characters are driven by moralistic conflict, which may comprise nothing more than being in love with someone else. Reygada's most disturbing aspect is usually his method of storytelling and esthetic presentation.



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