Dead Fucking Last Switzerland 2012 – 95min.

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Dead Fucking Last

Rolf Breiner
Movie Rating: Rolf Breiner

The friendship of three friends is put to the test by a joint venture. Starring Mike Müller.

The former rebel Tom and his friends are getting ready to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their co-operative bicycle courier business, when female competitors put a wrench in their spokes, taking away a good portion of their business. The three turn out to be weak and sore losers. Tom, the head of the business, takes charge and suddenly finds himself flirting with Nina, the boss of "Girls.Messengers". The rest is pratfalls and uproars, quarrels with snogging and smash-ups with slapstick.

Walter Feistle's comedy about Zurich's hipsters with a socio touch stars Mike Müller, Markus Merz and Michael Neuenschwander as weak-kneed couriers. Popcorn audiences are served all kinds of slapstick mixed with boy-girl dilemmas and working class jokes. Unclear is why Mike Müller, the shred comedian and celebrated working partner of Viktor Giacobbo is along for the ride on this dumbed-down bike trip. In the wake of Swiss flops like Tell and Das Missen-Massaker, this movie promises to be another fiasco.



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