Appassionata Switzerland, Ukraine 2012 – 83min.

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Alena Cherny has a huge passion for the piano. Born in 1967 in Romny, a small Ukrainian village 300 km from Kiev, the internationally renowned pianist who has lived in Wetzikon since 1996 decides to send a piano to Romny. This gives her a chanced to deal with her past: growing up without religion under 23 years of communism, Alena Cherny understood that music could offer a barrier against solitude when she heard Bach for the first time in the film Solaris by Tarkovski. Sent to boarding school at age 9 and then to the conservatory in Kiev, she wrapped herself in a “hermetic world” that almost suffocated her. After the catastrophe in Chernobyl, Alena went into exile, abandoning her baby with her parents...

Release date

German Switzerland: 7. March 2013


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Cinematographer: Gabriel Sandru

Sound: Reto Stamm

Producer: Paul Riniker

Distributor: Look Now!

ISAN-No. 0000-0002-F668-0000-R


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