X-Men: First Class USA 2011 – 132min.

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X-Men: First Class

Movie Rating: Katrin Gygax

Two young men with special powers open a school for other mutants but soon become archenemies.

1963: before they become Professor X and Magneto, Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr are best friends who share a secret. They both have special powers, making them two of just a few young people in the world who will soon come to be known as mutants. Charles decides to open a school for mutants, to help them develop their powers and have a place they can be with those like them. Soon they find themselves caught in a struggle against each other, as Charles thinks everyone should have free will, but Erik believes in the superiority of the mutants over all mankind.

Entertaining prequel in the X-Men franchise, with an added touch of 1960's hipster nostalgia – riding on the phenomenal wave of success of the American TV series "Mad Men". With the usual good start followed by a slack in momentum in the second half and a bunch of explosions as the movie comes to its end, this is a typical Hollywood blockbuster: not great, not terrible, just an easy and mindless way to spend a few hours, and for fans a nice reboot to the series after the failure of 2006's "X-Men: The Last Stand".



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11 years ago

Love the movie, the best one among the x-men movies!!! A must see, fun, witty and giving a little more information on the beginning of our favorite heroes.

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