When Pigs Have Wings Belgium, France, Germany 2011 – 98min.

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When Pigs Have Wings


Jafaar can't earn a living since he no longer has the right to fish more than 4 km off the coast of Gaza, and he asks himself how he's going to pay his debts. One day he catches a Vietnamese pig in his net. His friend advises him to kill the “impurity” as quickly as possible. But Jafaar hates guns and he's heard that Jews trade in pigs. So he gets on his bike, goes to the closest Jewish settlement and, through the fence, tries to sell his pig to Yelena, who raises them. But Yelena is only interested in its semen...

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German Switzerland: 21. March 2013



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7 years ago

I think this is near to reality in Gaza... unfortunately.


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