War Horse USA 2011 – 146min.

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War Horse

Movie Rating: Katrin Gygax

An adolescent follows his horse into Word War One when it is commissioned into the British cavalry.

Albert is an English boy who loves nothing better than riding his favorite horse, Joey. But as war breaks out in Europe, Joey is sold to the British cavalry and sent off to the French trenches. At first accepting of his horse's fate, Albert soon decides to follow Joey off to war to reconnect their bond and save him from death.

Based on the children's novel of the same name, War Horse uses the bond between an adolescent and his courageous equine friend to tell the story of the War to End All Wars. Spielberg's old-fashioned cinematic eye is on hand for some very majestic visuals which, together with the omnipresent score by John Williams, are sure to lay on the emotional experience as thickly as possible.



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8 years ago

I enjoyed this movie allot, it warms you're heart, with beauty and funnyness, but allot of it reminds me of the animated movie spirit. However Spirit was a great movie and so is this one.


9 years ago

Commercially astute, as one would expect from Spielberg. Some good scenery, some good acting (esp. the horses), lots of visibly fake cinematography. Cross between Saving Private Ryan and Black Beauty. Good for children and sentimental grandmothers

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