The Parade Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia 2011 – 115min.

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The Parade

Rolf Breiner
Movie Rating: Rolf Breiner

Croats, Serb, Bosnian Muslims and Kosovo-Albanian war veterans join forces as ethnic stereotypes in this comedy by Srdjan Dragojevic.

Gays and lesbians in Belgrade are organizing a gay pride parade, but what awaits them are blows from the far right. Mirko and his lover Radmilo somehow manage to convince the shady war veteran Limun to act as their bodyguard. And so the macho homophobe gathers together his old adversaries and comrades from the war, creating a partnership of Serbs, Croats, Kosovars and Bosnian to protect the rights of gays.

Director Srdjan Dragojević, a trained psychotherapist, takes on taboos with his successful black tragicomedy – which impressed audiences at the Berlinale 2012 and throughout the Balkan states. A crazy ethno movie that takes place in a bizarre world, it uses these absurdities to point the way to possible reconciliation.



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