The Descendants USA 2011 – 115min.

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The Descendants

Movie Rating: Catharina Steiner

When his wife falls into a coma, George Clooney tries to regain contact with his daughters.

Geographically, Matt King (George Clooney) lives in the paradise of Hawaii. But reality is somewhat more complicated. As he makes clear from the start of the movie, Hawaii is no paradise for him: his wife is in a coma after a boating accident, and now he's for all intents and purposes a single dad raising two daughters. But that's not enough: he's also in charge of a huge piece of family land that his cousins want him to sell, and he's just found out his wife had an affair before her accident. So Matt decides to find out just who the other man is...

Alexander Payne (Sideways, About Schmidt) again takes on the story of a man in crisis – this time with George Clooney in an atypical role as family man and anti-hero. One of the most nuanced performances of Clooney's career.



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