Nobody Else But You France 2011 – 102min.

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Movie Rating: Melanie Zahar

In a small French town, a novelist investigates the mysterious death of a local weathergirl.

David Rousseau, a successful mystery writer with a bit of writer's block, goes to the town of Mouthe to receive his aunt's inheritance. During his stay in “the coldest town in France”, he hears of the death of a local celebrity, Candice Lecoeur, a weathergirl and the face of the region's cheese. While the police thinks she committed suicide, David decides to lead his own investigation and use the results for his next novel. But he soon realizes his desire for truth is not shared by everyone...

Skillfully constructed, with strong performances, Poupoupidou uses humor and irony to bring Hollywood glamour to deepest France, the producer of cheese. Well-done, quirky and captivating.



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