Hugo USA 2011 – 126min.

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Movie Rating: Constantin Xenakis

An orphan named Hugo repairs clocks at the Paris train station, where he lives in secret. By Martin Scorsese.

After his clocksmith father dies and Hugo is placed in the case of his drunkard uncle, he hides in a local Paris train station, where he lives under the roof, winds the station's mechanical clocks and watch the action below him: travelers rushing to and fro, the manager of a café, the implacable security guard and his Doberman, the sweet florist and the old owner of a toy store. But when he's caught stealing from the store, the boy gives the man a notebook of clock schematics drawn by his father, which will only work if wound up by a heart-shaped key. While he hopes to get the notebook back, Hugo meets the adopted daughter of the shopkeeper, who turns out to be a pioneer in the history of cinema...

With Hugo, Martin Scorsese once again proves his stunning visual talent, with 3D effects enhancing his taste for moving crowds, convoluted tracking shots, flamboyant colors and directorial effects known only to him. This deluge of exciting images is accompanied by his obvious love for movies, paying homage to Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin, Alfred Hitchcock and George Méliès. More than a film for children, Hugo is a work of art for kids of all ages who long to plunge into remembrance of their first emotions at the movies.



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12 years ago

Hugo it's an odd movie. Although I enjoyed the special effects and the movie's story which is a bit different from what I'm used to see / watch / read...


12 years ago

This is a beautifull movie that will touch and move you, while not forgeting to ad somethiuing to laugh about here and there. I would definetly recomemend it


12 years ago

Scorsese has proven times and again, that he is a master of cinematography, and with hugo he has exceeded my expectations. watching this movie was a mesmerising experience.

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