Hugo USA 2011 – 126min.

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Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Mystery

After his clocksmith father dies and Hugo is placed in the case of his drunkard uncle, he hides in a local Paris train station, where he lives under the roof, winds the station's mechanical clocks and watch the action below him: travelers rushing to and fro, the manager of a café, the implacable security guard and his Doberman, the sweet florist and the old owner of a toy store. But when he's caught stealing from the store, the boy gives the man a notebook of clock schematics drawn by his father, which will only work if wound up by a heart-shaped key. While he hopes to get the notebook back, Hugo meets the adopted daughter of the shopkeeper, who turns out to be a pioneer in the history of cinema...

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German Switzerland: 9. February 2012

Romandie: 14. December 2011

Ticino: 3. February 2012

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12 years ago

Hugo it's an odd movie. Although I enjoyed the special effects and the movie's story which is a bit different from what I'm used to see / watch / read...


12 years ago

This is a beautifull movie that will touch and move you, while not forgeting to ad somethiuing to laugh about here and there. I would definetly recomemend it


12 years ago

Scorsese has proven times and again, that he is a master of cinematography, and with hugo he has exceeded my expectations. watching this movie was a mesmerising experience.


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