Herz im Emmental 2011 – 91min.

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Herz im Emmental

Rolf Breiner
Movie Rating: Rolf Breiner

Bernhard Giger and Bänz Friedli make a documentary about a beautiful part of Switzerland's countryside and the people who live there.

A village, a countryside, people who have their roots there and love the land: the Emmental. This documentary by Bernhard Giger and Bänz Friedli is a tapestry of Jeremias Gotthelf's stories and Franz Schnyder's movies "Uli der Knecht" and "Die Käserei in der Vehfreude", the songs and stories of Brüder Heiniger, statements by stadium builder Bruno Marazzi, and games played by the SCL Tigers.

This hymn in praise of the motherland, photographed by Pio Corradi, also includes a brief look at its culture and economic history.



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