Stopped on Track France, Germany 2011 – 110min.

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Halt auf freier Strecke

Patrick Heidmann
Movie Rating: Patrick Heidmann

The father of two children is diagnosed with a brain tumor and only given a few month to live. Drama by Andreas Dresen.

The diagnosis takes Frank completely by surprise: stage four cancer. The brain tumor is inoperable; the forty-year-old family man only has a few months to live. He wants to spend the last weeks of his life with his wife Simone and their two children in the house they have just built in a Berlin suburb. But although the family rallies together and is increasingly united by a strong emotional bond, they are tested to the limit when Frank's physical abilities and brain functions increasingly give way and his care becomes ever more difficult.

It has long been known that Andreas Dresen is one of the smartest and best storytellers in German cinema, and that he is especially good in working with an improvising ensemble and a slightly unsteady camera. What makes him even more impressive this time around is the stylistic assurance and intensity he uses to bring one of the most difficult subjects (death) on screen without sacrificing humanity and emotionalism for kitsch.



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