Habemus Papam France, Italy 2011 – 102min.

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Habemus Papam

Movie Rating: Constantin Xenakis

Just recently elected pontifex maximus, a cardinal falls into a depression at the weight of his task.

The Conclave has just elected Cardinal Melville as the new pope. With grave doubts about his ability to face his new task, he panics and falls into a depression. The other members call in a psychoanalyst while the faithful and the media impatiently waits to be introduced to the new pontiff. After their first session together, the atheist shrink finds out that the Holy Father is not allowed to leave the Vatican until he's cured and able to fulfill his duties. Then Melville escapes and ambles incognito throughout the streets of Rome...

Poking fun at psychoanalysis and the Catholic Church is an international sport that has been practiced for many years by filmmakers and members of the media. As he takes on both institutions at once, Nanni Moretti intelligently avoids the usual traps placed by stereotype, resulting in a subtle and bright comedy that alternates hilarious and very tender poetic scenes. A bijou of a film!



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