Glauser Switzerland 2011 – 72min.

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Andrea Lüthi
Movie Rating: Andrea Lüthi

Documentary about the life of the great Swiss mystery writer, foreign legionary, Dadaist and morphine addict.

Swiss writer Friedrich Glauser was always in searching and always on the run – from reform school and clinics, from his father who deprived him of the right of decision because of his erratic life. He tried to kick the morphine habit several times, traveled to Morocco for the Foreign Legion and repeatedly tried to build up a new life. The movie tries to sounds out the inner turmoil of the writer.

Christoph Kühns documentary is an experimental film about the author's inner turmoil and attempts to bring his fear, feelings and thoughts directly to viewers. The director takes full advantage of his available tools, adding the expressive images of Zurich artist Hannes Binder, who illustrated several of Glauser's works.



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