Toy Story 3 USA 2010 – 103min.

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Toy Story 3

The last 3D installment in the Toy Story trilogy is by far the most beautiful, best and most moving.

Before he moves onto campus at college, Andy's old room gets cleaned out. But Cowboy Woody, Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear and all their friends are donated to a day care center by mistake, where they make friends with other toys, especially Lotso the teddy, who seems nice at first, but turns out to be an evil tyrant.

The third and last installment in the Toy Story trilogy is just a little bit less brilliant than earlier Pixar masterpieces such as Wall-E, Ratatouille and Up, but the 3D movie is convincing on all levels: the script by Michael Arndt (Little Miss Sunshine) is a simple but thrilling adventure set in a strange toyland microcosm, which quite incidentally and very sensitively deals with such painful subject as loss and parting.



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