The Social Network USA 2010 – 120min.

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The Social Network

The genesis of Facebook; or friendship and betrayal between the two founders of the successful social network.

Sloppily dressed, complex, antagonistic, awkward around girls, and arrogant about his undeniable intelligence, Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg is the quintessential brilliant nerd. Dumped by his girlfriend and unable to get into Boston's best parties, Zuckerberg sets up - thanks to data gathered by hacking other sites and stealing an algorithm created by his friend Eduardo - a website where users can vote for the most beautiful students at the university. The success of the site is immediate and exponential: contacted by two Boston society brothers who want him to create a similar but more developed site, Zuckerberg accepts, with the aim of stealing their ideas to enrich his own invention. The popularity of Facebook explodes as Zuckerberg meets the founder of Napster, Sean Parker, whose class and sales skills he admires, and who will help him find investment capital...

After Fight Club, Zodiac and The Game, David Fincher's story of Facebook's beginnings, the incredible success and betrayed friendships of a handful of young visionaries and the legal battle that followed is again a superb tragedy about the human condition. It also offers Mark Zuckerberg's millions of clients an unnerving view of the man as an unscrupulous bastard.



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