Resident Evil: Afterlife France, Germany, UK, USA 2010 – 97min.

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Resident Evil: Afterlife

4th zombie hunt with Milla Jovovich: "Resident Evil: Afterlife" was made in 3D using James Cameron's Fusion Camera system.

For the fourth time, Alice (Milla Jovovich), the heroine from the video game of the same name, goes up against ultimate evil in the form of an overly powerful biotech conglomerate. She searches an almost unpopulated Earth for survivors in the wake of a biological apocalypse caused by a designer virus, which has given her superpowers. Thus enhanced, she shoots and fights her way from scene to scene in a spectacle that is as stylish as it is silly.

Unimaginative and uninspired, the fourth installment of this sci-fi tech saga is at best an easy-to-grasp, one-dimensional special effects extravaganza. The series was never cinema for intellectuals, but this movie is a little too obviously stupid.



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