Liebling, lass uns scheiden Switzerland 2010 – 90min.

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Liebling, lass uns scheiden

German comedy in which a couple decides to separate to add a little spice to their relationship.

Oliver and Franziska Klaus have been married for 20 years. He is a painter who gave up his career to do the housework and take care of the children; she is a successful businesswoman. Out of the blue, Franziska tells Oliver she's leaving him for a while, to ponder their relationship. The flattery supplied by her boss, who's constantly inviting her to dinner under the pretext of business, is very tempting. Will she succumb to her impulse and have an affair with her boss, or go back home to Oliver?

The scenes in which anti-hero Oliver dreams of standing up for himself are hilarious, as reality makes way for his imagination. This movie, meant to be a strong criticism of modern women who complain about their boring husbands but forget they are the ones who turned them into good little lapdogs, misses its target with an all-too predictable ending.



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