Let Me In UK, USA 2010 – 116min.

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Let Me In

A shy 12-year-old boy finds love with a young female vampire in this American remake of the Swedish film Let The Right One In.

Owen is an introverted boy bullied daily by a cruel threesome in his class. Terrorized, he doesn't have the courage to fight back and can't talk to his depressed mother, who is caught up in her divorce. In this climate of loneliness and frustration, the arrival of a girl named Abby offers Owen hope and happiness. But their growing idyll is threatened by Abby's big secret: she drinks blood and fears the light of day.

Two years after the release of Let The Right One In by Swedish director Tomas Alfredson comes this remarkable adaptation of the novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist. Honored at a number of international film festivals, Matt Reeves takes up the challenge of producing an American remake - a delicate exercise. Although it is not a failure - it is sure to please those who did not see Let The Right One In - in its migration to the new continent it loses the supernatural magic of the Swedish setting, in which the myth of the child vampire finds a mythological resonance of intense poetry.



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