The Rabbi's Cat France 2010 – 100min.

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Le chat du rabbin

Movie Rating: Melanie Zahar

Animated film in which the mischievous cat of a rabbi blasphemes incessantly.

In 1920's Algerie, Rabbi Sfar and his daughter Zlabya live happily with her adoring cat, until he eats the rabbi's parrot. Suddenly able to speak, the cat lets off a string of bad language that gets him banned from approaching the sweet Zlabya, as the rabbi wants to protect her from the feline's lies and other blasphemy. Even though the rabbi is able to use information from the cat to pass his French exam! When a mysterious painter appears on the rabbi's doorstep, Sfar and the cat go along with him on an adventure to find the mythical city this is supposed to be the cradle of the Jewish people.

Adapted from the bande dessinée of the same name, this animated film in 3D by Joann Sfar, the maker of Gainsbourg, vie héroïque, is true to its source but lacking in its charm. The mischievous cat's dirty mouth is fun, but the production is static and often gets bogged down by its preachy tone as it nevertheless very laudably pleas for peace among all people.



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