La nostra vita France, Italy 2010 – 98min.

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La nostra vita

A young construction site boss loses his wife during the birth of their third child.

Claudio, the young boss of a Roman construction site, sees his quiet life thrown for a loop when his wife dies giving birth to their third child. As he tries to deal with his grief, Claudio meets the wife of the Romanian security guard who died accidentally on site, and whose body was buried in haste to distract authorities from the fact he was paid under the table. Claudio decides to take over the housing project himself, borrowing money from a drug-dealing friend who lives with a Senegalese prostitute who takes care of his newborn during the day...

Touching drama that can be interpreted as a metaphor for today's Italy, come down since the golden years of “La Dolce Vita” and the economic boom of the 1960's, in which corruption, illicit employment, illegal activities, insufficient funds, accumulated debts, crime and unpaid salaries have become the norm.



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