How Do You Know USA 2010 – 121min.

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How Do You Know

Reese Witherspoon between Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson: romantic comedy from"As Good As It Gets" director James L. Brooks.

Lisa's private life sucks, and she just got cut from the USA softball team.Too old, the coach says. So for comfort she turns to Matty, a basketballstar and unrepentant Casanova. At the same time, George asks her out on adate. George has financial problems and is threatened with indictmentbecause his father's company, which he's running, is caught up in shadydealings. Lisa and George’s date is a disaster, but they still want to seeeach other again.

Actually, James L. Brooks (As Good as it Gets) is an experienceddirector of comedies. Not that you'd notice this time around, as he seems tohave forgotten how to make a funny movie with good timing and characters inthis overly long and implausible romantic comedy.



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