Four Lions UK 2010 – 97min.

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Four Lions

Comedy Drama

4 idiots who think they know about Middle Eastern culture (their sources are Space Mountain, Amazon, YouTube, The Lion King, pop music and Mortal Kombat) decide to put an end to our consumer society by staging a bomb attack. Two of them go to a training camp in Pakistan where they mainly screw up, but soon they're back in England and helping their friends with the big plan. Except they don't know what to blow up. The internet? A pharmacy chain and its piles of condoms? The London Marathon? Or the local mosque, so that everyone will think it was an attack against Islam and moderate Muslims will rally to Jihad?

Release date

German Switzerland: 14. April 2011

Ticino: 10. June 2011



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11 years ago

Original idea for a film, funny but very sweet and sour as it talks about manipulation of many innocent (or some too stupid) people, it is not exactly what I would call a comedy as the end is tragic but it is a good movie, recommended!


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