The Robber Austria, Germany 2010 – 90min.

The Robber

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Der Räuber

Johann is a marathon runner and bank robber: action thriller from the Berlinschool's Benjamin Heisenberg.

While in prison, Johann Rettenberger begins to train seriously, and when hegets out his enthusiasm for exercise knows no bounds. So he runs marathonsinstead of looking for a job or an apartment, but he still gets his greatestkick robbing banks – often running away instead of escaping by car. For awhile he gets away with it, but when his identity is revealed his talent forrunning is really put to the test.

Benjamin Heisenberg's debut was heavily influenced by the Berlin school,and now his second film goes a step further. Added to classic elements likea rough narrative and reduced images are dynamic action scenes that cometogether for a suspenseful thriller.



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