Crime d'amour France 2010 – 106min.

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Crime d'amour

A young manager is harassed by her female superior.

Isabelle, a young manager on her way to the top in a multinational corporation, is full of admiration for her boss, Christine. But her superior is a woman of extreme power who manipulates Isabelle, harassing her psychologically, and humiliating her without the least bit of remorse, as Christine is driven be an insatiable need for recognition. Pushed to the limit, Isabelle is forced to do the unthinkable...

An old-fashioned thriller by Alain Corneau set in the modern business world, "Crime d'amour" is a classic mystery with a not-very-convincing climax based on outdated investigation techniques. The cynicism and the affective misery in a cold office setting makes for the right ambiance, but the performances by the protagonists - even though it's Kristin Scott Thomas and Ludivine Sagnier - are too uneven to make the movie credible as a whole.



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