Cleveland vs. Wall Street France, Switzerland 2010 – 105min.

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Cleveland vs. Wall Street

An American city, devastated by the sub-prime crisis, sues Wall Street.

Since sub-prime loans imploded in the US, thousands of families have lost their homes because banks foreclosed on their mortgages. The city of Cleveland, Ohio, devastated by the crisis, with entire neighborhoods left empty or taken over by delinquent squatters and families unable to find new homes, decided to take 21 banks to court. Attorney Josh Cohen opened his case in January 2008, and the banks have been blocking the process since then.

Swiss documentary filmmaker Jean-Stéphane Bron (Mais im Bundeshuus) was supported by the city's administration in creating a trial on film - a trial that may never be held - with everyone playing themselves. The result is a strong film that clarifies the case without diabolizing the banks, and shows the cost - on all levels - of chasing the American Dream.



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