Whip It! USA 2009 – 111min.

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Whip It!

Movie Rating: Constantin Xenakis

The daughter of a conservative family finds solace in roller a derby league.

With an inattentive dad who watches football all day with a beer in his hand, a traditionalist mother and a little sister whom she is forced to help in beauty pageants, Bliss has yet to find her niche, no thanks either to her boring job as a waitress in her hometown of Bodeen, Texas. But things change when she discovers a roller derby league in nearby Austin. Lying to her parents, who are completely against this violent underground sport practiced by punk feminists who go by names like Eva Destruction, Bloody Holly, Iron Maven and Smashly Simpson, and the others in the league (the 17-year-old claims to be 21, the age of consent for roller derby), the shy but rebellious Bliss soon realizes her newfound passion gives her self-confidence. While participating in events, she also falls for the guitarist of a local band...

Drew Barrymore's debut movie is a surprisingly remarkable and moving story about the rite of passage to adulthood. Starring Ellen Page, star of the now-cult film Juno and Juliette Lewis, the brilliantly wacky former actress from Cape Fear, Natural Born Killers and Strange Days, on a break from her new career as a punk singer.



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