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A hit man hired to kill men from the future one day faces his older self as a target.

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A depressed bank employee's life changes when he starts saying "yes" to everything asked of him.

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The Words

As if there weren't enough writers in New York already, with thousands of authors pounding out new stories on their computers. Rory (Bradley Cooper) is talented, but no one


A failed writer discovers a miracle drug that makes him extremely successful. Starring Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro. Dumped by his girlfriend and suffering from


auspices, with Bradley Cooper supported by a team of big names (Sienna Miller, Omar Sy, Daniel Brühl, Alicia Vikander, Emma Thompson and even Uma Thurman), Oscar nominated

The Place Beyond the Pines

the urgency of his precarious financial situation causes him to make bad choices and clash with Avery Cross (Bradley Cooper), an ambitious young cop who wants to do better than

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Death threat for Ridley Scott

Ridley Scott, director of classics such as «Blade Runner», «Alien», «The Duellists» and «Gladiator» was threatened to death on the set of his latest movie «Kingdom of Heaven» by

Ridley Scott praised

Ridley Scott has been praised for his latest movie «Kingdom of Heaven» in which he tackles a delicate matter – the Crusades – but succeeds in avoiding stereotypical views of

Coroner clears Chris Penn

Chris Penn died of natural causes, says coroner. After weeks of speculation that Chris Penn committed suicide or overdosed on drugs, the Los Angeles coroner has put those

Sex, potion & rock'n'roll

In time, the trio of «Harry Potter» actors are getting closer – much closer.