Spy USA 2015 – 120min.

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Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Together with the gorgeous Finn, Susan Cooper makes up the CIA’s best duo: she sits behind the computer feeding him intel; he uses his charm and muscles in the field. But when a mission goes wrong and the identity of all CIA agents in Europe are revealed, Susan goes off in search of Rayna Boyanov, who is about to sell nuclear codes to the bad guys. But first she has to convince her superiors she can do the job. They give her an undercover identity and she travels to Europe to take down Boyanov...

Melissa McCarthy gained international attention for her co-starring role in Bridesmaids - even from the Oscars, which don’t usual recognize comedic performances. She teamed up with Sandra Bullock in The Heat for a blockbuster feature, and has now rejoined Paul Feig for the third time in Spy. A fourth project, Ghostbusters, is due out in 2016. This James Bond adventure on estrogen doused with a liberal helping of comedy is intelligent enough not to try for pure parody. Instead, Spy focuses on a funny and touching heroine who is awkward but not stupid, and yet again offers some feminist subtext. The formula is unsurprising and takes full advantage of the comedic brilliance of Melissa McCarthy’s acting and improvisational talent.



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