Pacific Rim: Uprising USA 2018 – 111min.

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Pacific Rim: Uprising

Alexandre Janowiak
Movie Rating: Alexandre Janowiak

The planetary conflict between the extra-terrestrial Kaiju creatures and the giant human-operated Jaegers robot was only the first wave of a massive attack on humanity. The Kaiju are back and stronger than ever!

In 2013, the newly Oscar-winning director of The Shape of Water was at the helm of the first Pacific Rim – a blockbuster that was a little too heavy-handed and much too long to receive only positive reviews, but which benefited from a real sense of direction thanks to Guillermo Del Toro’s talents.

For Pacific Rim: Uprising, Del Toro is only the producer, handing the reins to Steven S. DeKnight for his first feature film. The new man at the wheel allows this second part to be guided by the codes inherent to the genre for an extremely entertaining movie. The action scenes are not always very clear, but they are effective and have the merit of taking place in broad daylight, thus avoiding an excess of unfortunate special effects (even if not always optimal). At this level, Pacific Rim: Uprising is a great success. Still, there is a lack of energy. The characters are very clichéd and their relationships even more so. Rarely has such a classic plot been so over-explained through the characters’ wooden dialogue and ridiculous punch lines.

Regular blockbuster fans will therefore quickly get the ins and outs of the story. And even if it’s not an innovative movie, it’s still a nice bit of entertainment.



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