Victoria France 2016 – 97min.

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Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

A lawyer and single mother of two daughters, Victoria Spick tries to keep control of her life. After going to a wedding her where she is reunited with her friend Vincent and bumps into Sam, a former drug dealer whom she defended, her life becomes even more complicated. Accused of attempted murder by his girlfriend, Vincent asks Victoria to defend him, while Sam offers to babysitter her daughters.

There are two fabulous women in Victoria. The first and most obvious is Virginia Efira, who is stunning in her first great role, which highlights her wonderful comedic skills. The second is the director/screenwriter Justine Triet. Propelled by the success of Age of Panic, she confirms her own talents with this light, clever and whimsical film that is vibrant thanks to its fine and colorful writing. Offering an irresistible variation on modern love, Victoria redesigns romance, family life, sexuality and work with humor and absurd comedy for a somewhat romantic and very funny movie that which confirms the talents of a young filmmaker to watch out for.



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