Une vie Belgium, France 2016 – 119min.

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A Woman’s Life

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Normandy, 1819. Just out of the convent where she studied, Jeanne Le Perthuis des Vauds is to marry Julien de Lamare. As a young naive aristocrat, very protected by her parents and still full of childish dreams, she gradually discovers the reality of feelings and people. While her husband reveals himself to be harsh and disloyal, Jeanne’s illusions begin gradually to disappear...

There is nothing really wrong with A Woman’s Life, the adaptation of the classic novel by Guy de Maupassant, directed by Stéphane Brizé. On the contrary: the director of 2015’s exceptional The Measure of a Man, takes particular care in filming this novelistic narrative of a woman's frustrated existence, with the aim to make a rich costume drama. However, the result seems like something from another era: it’s a little dated, a bit weak, and not really necessary. Although she brings the necessary lightness to the character, Judith Chemla struggles to inject real emotion. What’s left is a somewhat dull melodrama that lacks passion and, ironically, life.



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