The Purge: Election Year France, USA 2016 – 109min.

Short description

The Purge: Election Year

Action Horror Sci-fi Thriller

2030. Introduced by the new Founding Fathers to save an America in crisis, every year The Purge offers a night of chaos during which crimes are not punished and every citizen can listen to their baser instincts. A bloody tradition that senator and presidential candidate Charlie Roan is trying to abolish, despite fierce opposition. But for the 24th Purge, her political enemies decide to change the rules: no one will be protected, not even politicians or elites. With help from her bodyguard Leo Barnes and a group of people also against The Purge, Roan tries to survive another night that will affect the future of the country...

Release date

German Switzerland: 15. September 2016

Romandie: 20. July 2016

Ticino: 28. July 2016



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