The Huntsman: Winter's War USA 2016 – 114min.

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The Huntsman: Winter's War

Action Adventure Drama Fantasy

Once upon a time, long before she fell under the sword of Snow White, Queen Ravenna watched her sister Freya also become an extremely powerful sorceress due to broken heart. As the Ice Queen, Freya then builds a frozen kingdom in the north and heads up an army of ruthless hunters. Among them are Eric and Sara, who are banished by their queen for violating her one rule: never fall in love. Years later, after Ravenna is defeated by Snow White, the famous magical mirror is coveted by Freya, who wants to expand her kingdom into that of Snow White...

Release date

German Switzerland: 7. April 2016

Romandie: 20. April 2016

Ticino: 7. April 2016



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