Star Trek Beyond USA 2016 – 122min.

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Crisis in Space

Gaby Tscharner
Movie Rating: Gaby Tscharner

After many adventures aboard the Enterprise, Captain James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) seems to have lost a good reason to go back into space and requests to be transferred to a job at home base. At the same time Spock (Zachary Quinto) wants to quit space travel after his relationship with Uhura (Zoë Saldana) didn’t work out and the sad news about the passing of Spock the elder (Leonard Nimoy) has reached him. Only when a space refugee requests their help to rescue her stranded ship and its crew, the two veterans embark on what is possibly their last mission.

Thanks to Fast and Furious director Justin Lin, who makes battles in space look and feel as exciting as his car chases, Star Trek Beyond has successfully uncoupled from the creator of the reboot, J.J. Abrams. At the same time, the movie is strong in its somber moments, when it tastefully deals with the death of Leonard Nimoy for example, without whom the franchise will never be the same. The slightly self-indulgent script by Simon Pegg, who plays engineer Scottie, is doing a great job in celebrating Gene Roddenberry’s message, which is the importance of the unity of mankind vs. the survival of the fittest. In times of Brexit and terror attacks, Star Trek Beyond is more timely than ever.



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