Nocturnal Animals USA 2016 – 116min.

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Nocturnal Animals

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

The director of a hip art gallery in Los Angeles, married to a businessman, Susan Morrow is lonely and melancholic. One day, she receives a manuscript entitled Nocturnal Animals, sent by her ex-husband Edward. After almost ten years without contact, he wants her opinion on this book, which he has dedicated to her, and whose title refers to her insomnia. Susan delves into this violent story, which revolves around a family man whose life turns into a nightmare after an unfortunate encounter in the American desert...

Who could have suspected that Tom Ford, the legendary designer, has the soul of a great filmmaker? He showed evidence of it in his debut, “A Single Man”, a beautiful, melancholic and sensitive story starring Colin Firth and Julianne Moore. He confirms it with his second, Nocturnal Animals, adapted from the book “Tony and Susan” by Austin Wright: a black and tortuous thriller of stunning beauty, draped in a bewitching atmosphere. This twisted story, a mix of romantic drama and thriller with a somewhat convoluted narration, makes for a fascinating and hypnotic film. Both magnificent and scary, as evidenced by its incredible opening credits, Nocturnal Animals is a kind of strange nightmare. And in addition to Ford’s masterful work and an excellent cast (Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Michael Shannon), there's a subtle emotion that explodes in silence during the last few minutes.



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