Cézanne et moi France 2016 – 117min.

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Cézanne et moi


They are great friends like one is at thirteen: rebellious, curious, hopeful, doubtful, dreaming of girls and glory – they share everything. Paul is rich. Emile is poor. They leave Aix, «go up» to Paris, join the community in Montmartre and Batignolles. They haunt the same bars, sleep with the same women, spit on those who make it, bathe naked, starve and then eat too much, drink absinthe, draw during the day the models they caress at night, travel 30 hours by train to see a sunset... Today, Paul is a painter, Emile is a writer. Glory has passed Paul by. Emile has everything: fame, money, the perfect woman Paul loved before. They judge and admire each other, they compete. They get lost, like a couple that cannot stop loving each other.

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German Switzerland: 6. October 2016

Romandie: 21. September 2016



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