Camping 3 2016 – 105min.

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Camping 3

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Every summer, Patrick Chirac goes to the Les Bleus Flots campground in Arcachon to reunite with his friends Jacky, Laurette and Paul, who has just been divorced. Hoping to hook up, he does a tour of the car section, but instead finds three young men from Dijon: Benji, Robert and José. When they can’t find accommodations and ask Patrick for help, he says they can stay with him. Thus follows the clash of generations...

Ten years ago, Franck Dubosc had France in stitches with his misadventures in Camping, directed by Fabien Onteniente. After a sequel in 2009, Camping 3 reapplies the same formula without an ounce of originality. Built around a heavily caricatured clash of generations, this new installment has no interest in adding fresh content or attracting a new audience, instead recycling outmoded gags (gay jokes, getting stoned by mistake), flogging Dubosc’s number to death, and annoying the audience with outdated morals (social networks are not real life). Unless you are a big fan (and therefore very forgiving), seek your entertainment elsewhere.



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