The Boss Baby USA 2017 – 97min.

The Boss Baby

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The Boss Baby

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Tim Templeton, a very imaginative 7-year-old boy, leads a happy life with his parents. At least until the arrival of his little brother, a very strange baby who wears a suit, loves sushi, is never separated from his briefcase and speaks like an adult. As he tries to reclaim his parents' affection, Tim discovers that his younger brother is the head of a secret organization whose mission is to redistribute the world’s love of puppies back towards babies. But Puppy Co. has the opposite idea, so Boss Baby and Tim must unite...

Boss Baby, the new production from Dreamworks directed by Thomas McGrath (the Madagascar trilogy, Megamind), will not disappoint. This movie has its share of great moments and fun gags that are likely to become classics. Boss Baby is smart, thanks also to winks directed at the adults and a discourse on the modern job, and will satisfy both big and small audiences. In a genre that has become formulaic, it stands out as a simple but entertaining success.



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