A Cure for Wellness Germany, USA 2016 – 146min.

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A Cure for Wellness

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

An ambitious manager of a New York multinational, Lockhart is sent by his bosses to Switzerland, to bring back in any way possible their CEO, who has isolated himself in a mysterious spa. After a car accident, Lockhart wakes up in the same institution, which is headed by a Dr. Heinreich Volmer, and quickly realizes he will have a hard time escaping. While he falls under the charm of the mysterious Hannah, a lonely patient, he slowly discovers the obscure methods the center uses to treat its residents...

Gore Verbinski has not only made Pirates of the Caribbean, Rango and The Lone Ranger, he is also the director of the remake of the Japanese horror film The Ring, starring Naomi Watts, a great surprise that was far from being an impersonal product. The filmmaker’s return to the horror genre was therefore expected, but unfortunately leads to disappointment. A Cure for Wellness blows hot and cold: it has a fascinating atmosphere but a weak plot; a brilliant decor but simplistic characters; and fabulous scenes but extreme length (almost 2:30). The result offers some beautiful and often terrifying images, but it is ultimately too long and not satisfying.



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