Unter der Haut Switzerland 2015 – 94min.

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Unter der Haut

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

18 years of marriage, three children, a new house in the country: Alice and Frank are living an ordinary, happy life. But that all changes when Alice notices a growing distance between her and her husband, and Frank tells her he has fallen in love with a man. A revelation that turns their life as a couple and a family upside down, one that crumbles when Frank starts a new life…

Director Claudia Lorenz has chosen to look at the issue of coming out as gay late in life from the other point of view, that of a wife discovering that her husband, the father of her children around whom she has built her life, loves men. This approach lets actress Ursina Lardi (A Most Wanted Man) deliver a wonderful performance, for which she was nominated for best actress at the Swiss Film Awards. The screenplay is good but still includes classic plotlines and scenes. And despite its title, Under the Skin reveals itself to be simple and conventional, a little to superficial even, especially considering the care taken with the mise en scène.



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