Un moment d'égarement France 2015 – 105min.

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Un moment d'égarement

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Far from Paris and their sentimental, chaotic lives, Laurent and Antoine are in Corsica on vacation in Antoine’s old family home. Along for the holiday are their two daughters: Marie, 18, and Louna, 17, who are also best friends. One evening, after a well-oiled party on the beach, Laurent gets kissed by Louna. One short moment of thoughtlessness that will cause a chain reaction and disrupt friendships all around, especially since Louna has fallen in love with Laurent…

An unexpected diversion from the team behind the two Mesrine movies from 2008: after taking home Césars for best director and best actor for that big-budget project, Jean-François Richet and Vincent Cassel reunite for the remake of Claude Berri’s 1977 comedy of the same name. This movie is the best example for not making rash decisions: although it sounds dumb on paper, One Wild Moment is surprisingly modern, refined and moving. It has a strong screenplay that avoids the usual clichés and was updated from Berri’s original by Lisa Azuelos, the director of LOL and Quantum Love. A mix between Adore and Fatal Attraction, the movie is, however, unbalanced on several levels: the tone oscillates between drama and comedy, as reflected by its four cast members who range from excellent (Vincent Cassel, Alice Isaaz) and terrible (François Cluzet, Lola Le Lann). Nevertheless a nice surprise.



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