Spotlight Canada, USA 2015 – 128min.

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Action Drama Thriller

Summer 2001. With the arrival of a new editor, Marty Baron, the employees of the Boston Globe fear restructuring. This is especially true for Spotlight, a team of four investigative journalists led by Walter Robinson, who choose the topics they usually investigate for several months. On the advice of Baron, Robinson and his three colleagues decide to focus on the case of a priest accused of pedophilia. They uncover a huge scandal, which proves that the Church has protected tens of priests and stifled hundreds of sordid stories ...

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German Switzerland: 25. February 2016

Romandie: 20. January 2016

Ticino: 18. February 2016



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6 years ago

Good topic but approached from a wrong side... Too long, action-less, with flat characters. There are just few scenes when a tension exists.


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