Room Canada, Ireland 2015 – 118min.

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Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

For seven years, Joy lives locked in a room, the prisoner of a stranger who kidnapped her and made her pregnant with her son, Jack. Because he has never known anything other than those four walls and the locked door, Joy builds him a world to protect him. But when Jack is five years old, she decides to tell him the truth so they can prepare to escape and discover the real world.

It took real talent to make sure the story and the characters of Room mastered the tightrope between ordinary melodrama and sad tragedy. Lenny Abrahamson, who gained attention for What Richard Did and Frank, has this talent. Without yielding to melodrama or fighting against expected emotions, the director lets the storyline unfold with welcome simplicity, always paying more attention to his two main characters than any external turmoil. Beautifully played by Brie Larson (Academy Award for Best Actress) and Jacob Tremblay, their performances remain strong from the first to the last minute, allowing the plot, divided into two parts, to flow smoothly.



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