Virgin Mountain - Fúsi Denmark, Iceland 2015 – 94min.

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Virgin Mountain - Fúsi

Movie Rating: Geoffrey Crété

Fusi is 43. An unhappy airport employee, he lives with his mother and escapes in miniature World War II battles that he develops with his neighbor and only friend. On his birthday, his mother and her boyfriend give him a gift certificate for a dance class, to encourage him to get out into the world. Fusi goes reluctantly, not suspecting that this simple decision will change his view of the world: he meets Sjöfn, a woman.

For many, Icelandic cinema is Dagur Kári, the director who became known in 2002 for the wonderful Noi the Albino. After a stint in Hollywood with The Good Heart, he's back home with Virgin Mountain, which has all the elements of the romantic dramedies that are the specialty of American independent film. Except that this movie is unexpectedly sad and cruel, far from the simple specifications of the genre. And despite a first part that lacks imagination, the film turns out to be much more interesting than its premise implies. The charisma of Gunnar Jónsson (also seen in Rams, another Icelandic film released this year) fits perfectly.



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