Pan USA 2015 – 112min.

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Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy

London, WWII. Abandoned as an infant by his mother, Peter grows up in an orphanage run by the horrible Mother Barnabas. The only thing that gives him hope is his certainty that his mother will come back and get him someday. But one night, a band of pirates kidnaps all the children from the home and carries them off in a huge flying ship. It takes them to a magical island in the clutches of the cruel Blackbeard. In an attempt to become immortal, the evil pirate is trying to wipe out all the Indians on the island, as well as the last few surviving fairies. But what he doesn’t know is that Peter is the Chosen One who will liberate Neverland …

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German Switzerland: 8. October 2015

Romandie: 14. October 2015

Ticino: 12. November 2015

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