Mad Max: Fury Road Australia, USA 2015 – 120min.

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Mad Max: Fury Road

Action Adventure Sci-fi Thriller

In a post-apocalyptic world where nothing is worth more that gasoline, water and power, Max wanders alone and without hope. Until a group of bloodthirsty thugs kidnap him and take him to their huge fortress to use his blood to refill the veins of the soldiers of Immortan Joe. But when Joe’s lieutenant, Imperator Furiosa, turns against him and steals his most precious collateral, she takes Max along on a chase through the desert, where he must team up with her to survive.

Release date

German Switzerland: 14. May 2015

Romandie: 14. May 2015

Ticino: 14. May 2015



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6 years ago

The film is intense in every aspect, cinematography, fight choreography, soundtrack and character studies. The glue holding the film together is Charlize Theron's Furiosa. Had Max been the main lead, the film would've been only half as good. Awesome and empowering film.

Gives a whole new meaning to "hell hath no fury, like a woman scorned. "Show more


6 years ago

Genial und das kann nur Einer der den ersten MM in die Welt katapultierte! Theron genial aber Tom Hardy umso mehr. Understatemant spielen kann nur er; -)


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