Dürrenmatt – Eine Liebesgeschichte Switzerland 2015 – 85min.

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Dürrenmatt – Eine Liebesgeschichte


Dürrenmatt: Eine Liebesgeschichte is an intimate homage to the thinker, author, painter and man who was Friedrich Dürrenmatt. The film focuses on the little-known love story between Dürrenmatt and his wife Lotti Dürrenmatt-Geissler. For 40 years, the two were joined at the hip: he wouldn’t write nor go to rehearsals without her. After Lotti’s death, Dürrenmatt went through a serious crisis that he overcame only thanks to a new love. His sister, Verena (91) and his children, Peter (66) and Ruth (64), who speak publicly about their father for the first time, also knew his secret: for Dürrenmatt, humor was the only way to overcome the distance he felt between him and a world that he had trouble to putting up with. But according to him, since there way no way to cheat death, you might as well go out laughing instead of angry.

Release date

German Switzerland: 15. October 2015

Romandie: 21. October 2015


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Cinematographer: Matthias Günter, Tom Bernhard

Distributor: DCM Distribution

ISAN-No. 0000-0003-ECE8-0000-8


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